For best results, it is better to promulgate cleaning routines for each day, week, month and even an annual cleaning routine.

Other factors that influence the cleaning of these places depends on the area that needs to be covered.

This especially needs to be done more frequently in pantry areas where tea and coffee are provided.

Tips for Cleaner Office Spaces


Working in a clean and uncluttered environment always is more productive. If the workplace is organized well-managed and has a lot of workable space then the employees also are happy and the work output is also much more than what it would have been in a messy and disorganized workstation.


Since most office spaces are commercial properties if they are kept presentable and sparkling clean then it is bound to be visited by more customers as well and you will have a good reputation of having the best office space in town.



Advantages of clean office spaces


There are many advantages of having clean office spaces –


A clean working ambiance is very beneficial to elevate the spirits of all the employees.


It makes a good impression on clients and investors when they come for work or even to make a deal.


It keeps sickness and unhealthy conditions at bay.


Frequency of cleaning office spaces


Office spaces need to clean according to the kind of work that is being done. It even depends on the number of employees that are working in the space. This includes the number of washrooms present, lobby area where visitors are entertained, number or doorways and windows, garden area if any and also the available parking area.

Tips and tricks for cleaner office spaces


Clean desks


When cleaning an office space the first thing that should be cleaned is the desk. Ensure that there are no unwanted things piled up on the desk and all electronic gadgets and communication devices do not have wires that are exposed as exposed wires tend to get dirty and attract dust.


Clean fixtures and furniture


Periodic cleaning of lighting sources, AC vents, and other fixtures is very important so that they don't get clogged or layered with dust. This will not only affect the efficiency of the devices but will also increase your electricity bills too. Wiping of all kinds of seating like office chairs, seating in the lobby area and another furniture like tables and storage cabinets is also essential to maintain a completely clean look. If your office space in or around Hong Kong is large and you have a large number of employees it is worthwhile investing in the services of professional office cleaning services.

Emptying trash out regularly

This is a much-needed part of routine cleanliness as overflowing trash cans are not a pleasant sight. Another area is the restrooms where trash needs to be emptied regularly. keeping trash in the bins leads to abnormal bacteria; growth which can cause serious health problems.

Keep the floors clean

It is advisable to keep foot mats or rugs at the office entrance so that anyone entering the premises wipes their feet before entering. This helps to keep the floors clean and dust free. The rugs, in turn, can be regularly vacuumed by the office cleaners a couple of times in the day.

Adequate storage space

Ensuring that all your regular office essentials have a proper storage space serves two major advantages. One that it declutters the entire working space and second that it makes cleaning the area a much simple task. Having specific storage spaces for files, stationery, computer accessories.